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Monowave Records is thrilled to welcome back GRIDD, who has returned with his latest edit for LOVD’s brand new track, ‘Kashyyyk.’ GRIDD’s mix is an extraordinary fusion of refreshing Moog-influenced bass sounds, phat synthesized kicks, and remarkable drive. It beautifully preserves the original atmosphere of LOVD’s specialized craft while adding a new dimension to the track.

LOVD is an up-and-coming music producer hailing from Austria, who has already gained recognition in the music industry. He has released music on highly respected labels such as Sirup Music and Soave. Kashyyyk is a testament to LOVD’s consistent adherence to his underground approach, which was apparent in his 2021 remix for GARRY B’s ‘Where Should We Go.’

Together, with ‘Kashyyyk,’ they infuse their individual styles, resulting in something truly exceptional that represents the best of both worlds. The outcome is a captivating and energetic fusion that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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